Original Sketch 1
This thumbnail drawing in my sketchbook was the start of River Table
Finishing heat on a grass form
As work is completed it is flashed in heat to equalize temperatures
Adding color to molten glass
Clear molten glass is colored by rolling through colored glass chips called frit
Crimping a grass form
Crimping in a cool constriction allows this glass form to be removed from the pole
First grass sculptures need grinding
Once cooled, glass needs to be finished by grinding the base flat on each piece
Scale layout begins
With just a few parts, River Table pieces begin to fill in a full scale map of the project
Glassblowing studio
Collection of glass botanicals
Table Legs
Hand-pulled glass will become the legs of River Table
Tabletops layout
Test Assembly Success
The prototype testing assembly technique proves I can move forward with this design
Glassblowing is HOT
The Glory Hole blasts 2300*F as glass is reheated for more sculpting
Sculpting Grasses
Each grass cluster is built from glass bits sculpted into individual blades
Leg Hardware Assembly
Threaded pipe is hidden inside each table leg
Early Scale Layout
Layouts on paper "tabletops" help me plan positions and the things I still need to make
Glass Puddles
Each hand-cut glass "puddle" will support a botanical vignette to grace the tabletops
Cattail Vignette Assembly
Botanical vignettes are supported while parts are glued to base "puddles"
Tabletop from Below
Planning the position of tabletop vignettes for leg assembly, viewed from below.
First Table Section assembled
Getting the first section together provided confidence for completing River Table
Adding a hot bit to turtle sculpture
Assistants bring Frus a molten bit of glass to attach as the turtle sculpture takes shape
Sculpting a turtle
This torch spot heats a leg so Frus can add focused detail
Marsh Lavendar and Bass
Complex components begin to be finished
6 Sectionals Assembled
As sectionals are completed, work continues on creatures and final 4 sections
Redfish Assembly
Attaching fish to support leaves involves careful gluing and stable curing for strength
Building tables in studio
Reed Grass vignette construction
Brackish & Salt Botanicals layout
Placing reed grasses and other botanicals to finalize design of River Table's salty end
Planning position of final leaf for Gar Vignette
Finishing Creature Bases
Bases coated in sand get glossy clear coat so they appear "wet"
Finished in Studio
Finally, River Table is ready to pack and ship to the Museum for exhibit
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