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Lighting & Wall Installations



Infuse your spaces with custom glass lighting or wall art.  This section shares some of my projects that have included pendant lights and chandeliers, wall panels and platter arrangements.  I custom design traditional or contemporary glass art that will make your space a memorable one.


Memory Orbs



Memory Orbs are a beautiful way to remember a loved one.  The stunning paperweights (or other objects) are hand-crafted with the remains of your beloved family member, friend, or pet encapsulated into the glass.  No need to hide away those ashes in an urn – celebrate their life with Memory Orbs.



This section shares examples of gift items, custom awards, and commissioned projects.  From thank-you objects for volunteers or board members to centerpieces for your event to thoughtful items for your friends, enjoy a selection of projects from my portfolio in this section.  My Glass Gifts or Awards are designed with your aesthetic in mind.

Gifts & Awards
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