Platters commissioned by NBC
NBC Logo was etched into the wall mounted platter made in company colors
Utilitarian collection
Vases, cups, and bowls
Collection of Bowls & Vases
Beautiful functional objects make great gifts
Pitcher and Glasses
Miscellaneous bowls and vases
Wedding Centerpieces
Judge Wedding Centerpiece
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Earth Day Award
Celebrating growth and partnership, this award was commissioned by Earth Day Jax
Equal Justice Awards 2014
Jacksonville Area Legal Aid commissioned these awards
Students helped execute my designs
These awards were used as an experiential learning project in my glass art courses
Cattail Vignette Award
Elegant sculptural award commissioned by the Cummer Museum
Guardian of the Arts Award
Cathedral Arts Project - Frus at right pictured with award recipients
Logo Gifts
Bowls commissioned by the First Coast Girls Initiative
Nina Cummer Awards
Awards shown in studio prior to final touches
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Miscellaneous bowls and vases